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So sad - I won a $100 jackpot on Pogo games and rather than award me the prize they suspended my account. No warning, no reason given, I just tried to log in and I got an error saying my account was suspended.

How do you cheat a jackpot spinner? I can't make it stop where I want it to - Anyway, I'm glad to be done with Pogo Games - The winners are not real people, if a real person wins they are suspended. I'm deleting anything related to Pogo and I will get a lot of hours in my life back.

Especially now that they have gone to those *** embedded games that won't load and no one can play. SO DONE WITH POGO!

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They said the same of my computer illiterate grandma who was using a one-week old computer and can barely work email. She wasn't even aware such cheat programs existed until I searched it up for her.

I paid good money so she could play popit w/o ads and our reward for her winning a *** jackpot spin? Her acct was shut down! The lady can barely see the screen and move the mouse...and Pogo is calling her a cheat?! How can she be when she averages 1 spin every 10 games or so?

If she were using a cheat program she'd actually get through the game sucessfully for a spin every time!

You suck Pogo! How dare you call your 'winners' cheats when it's you who is cheating them out of their prize AND then close their paid accounts.


if they stole your money or took your money then didnt deliver file a formal complaint online with the federal trade commission and with the better business bureau


Agreed, the pogo embedded games suck. The customer service is non-existent.

Now they are deleting all posts that criticize the new embedded games that do not even work for a large number of their customers. If everyone who is complaining on their website starts complaining all over Facebook and the internet and Twitter, let's see them try to silence those people. They can only silence people about their *** broken embedded games and horrible new format if people let them.

All one has to do is search any web browser for 'Pogo Embedded Games' to know that people are already posting their unhappiness with this new *** format all over the internet. Pogo might can shut people up on their website, but they certainly cannot shut people up on any other website on the internet.

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