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Update by user Jul 23, 2014

I'm even more upset as after a year UI returned to waste sometimes and things have gotten worse not better. I muttered something a class action law suit against Hasbro for licensing such Bovine Scat (BS) and seriously have considered writing a working windows program with intelligent computers and true random dice that knows how to count (cards held by the computers) without cheating.

Perhaps a I could find four other competent programmers and we could each write an pseudo AI program to play the game and have our programs compete and see who could build the best computer opponent.

Even with Pogo's obvious cheating the game against the computers is ridiculously easy to win 90% of the time. Oh well just frustrated I can't enjoy myself wasting time.

Update by user Jul 09, 2013

Anonymous from Woolloongabba. I am a competent enough programmer to reengineer their program and also competent enough to statistically prove what you suggest that the rolls may not be mathematically random. The problem is for a analysis of their result that would conclusively hold up (in a court of law for instance) would take way more time (and siting through too many adds) than I am willing or have the time to accomplish I have reverse engineered real programs for our Government and proven they didn't mathematically produce the results they claimed thus negating the field actions taken using those results and saving our government money, however as a senior scientist I was well compensated for my time and effort. I can see no such benefit to tilting at the Pogo Windmill in a proper proof of our suspicions.

if I didn't have personal scruples, could resort to some nefarious technique to crack their code but I've been a programmer over 50 years and I am not about to lower my ethics over a game.

A competent programmer asked to bias a program as you suggest would not employ obvious skewed results (biased dice rolls for instance) except at key junctures in the game. The padding of the opposing computers territories is blatant and occurs as you suggest to prolong the game at key junctures in the game. Anyone playing the game can take a piece of paper and keep track of each round and if the opponent players secured a territory card. You can easily produce a record of their usurping of Hasbro's rules for the game of Risk.

Your complaint of "15 men taken out while trying to take over a territory occupied by 3, and then when it's your turn to defend you can kiss rolling any high numbers goodbye...." while atypical is not outside the laws of probability. To establish a pattern here requires overwhelmingly complex mathematical analysis of the results of each individual role to conclude a significant bias in random number generation. Perhaps you can find a graduate student in search of a Master Thesis topic - shaming Pogo would be a fun adventure for such a student and the result paper (and publication) academically rewarding for the student.

Original review posted by user May 24, 2013

I figured Pogo was a scam so I never gave them any money or thought I would get anything other than a time to play as a quest and relax and against computers. I've been a programmer since the 1960s and I would think any competent programmer with integrity could program any game to follow the rules.

I’ve noticed that the Pogo Computer opponents cheat. I was playing risk and any strategy any intelligent player follows involves knowing which opponents have three or more territory Cards and what continents, if any, the opponents control because that gives you knowledge on where to position defenses and whom to attack. A player with two or less territory cards who controls no continents can muster at most, a minimal increase in fortification of an offensive position before commencing an attack. When a computer opponent who has two territory cards is awarded 35 extra armies you “best laid plans have gone asunder.” When the next component who only one territory card after caching out the previous round is the awarded 40 armies the relaxation associated with play the game is lost.

When the next round comes and I retaliate by capturing all of the North America with 3 Territory cards and block both remaining opponents, know that both now only have one territory card each and I control Australia and North America and earning a third territory card I was pretty confident that I could prevail despite the obvious cheating of my computer opponents. Imagine my chagrin when the computer in Iceland with one card was awarded 60 or so armies instead of the 5 or 6 I expected. Needless to say my defenses in Greenland were overrun and my frustration results in this comment. The programmers or there leaders have got a clue, it may be that without integrity so they cheat those who could profit by playing their games but to cheat a player who only pays by watching the commercials is incomprehensible.

Parker Brothers, a division of Hasbro should have never licensed Pogo if this is what they are going to do. My problem, do I boycott Hasbro, the advertiser foolish enough to pay Pogo or suck it up and write my own version of the game?

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Just reminiscing about pogo today... Thanks to our put down, by a guvmnt employee who gets paid good dollars to brag about his logician skills, good taste of course, apparently towards the goal of teaching us all about his value on values, letting us know how smart he thinks he is, I felt some inclination to share my opinion also.

He don't get paid enough to point out a *** thief? What a *** Well, I guess his money means just as much to me as his version of Taking it in stride. I WOULD appreciate it, if he would alert his guvmnt that it's money means nothing to since, in short it means nothing to him.

I would appreciate if his guvmnt would out a ban on its tender, and make this badass our God...., Yep thanks to him, We now have each our own personal world of free roaming, blatant thieves. But it IS just a game, like Iejofa says, now just keep buying your pogo tokens and getting robbed, like a good *** plus, vote for God.


I play Canasta with the bots and they cheat all the time. I have been a member for many years and just can't take this much longer.

Seems like the bots take one card and lay down the entire hand. Basically they are just cheating us out of tokens, but the frustration is what gets me.

I don't think I will renew the club. Why pay money to be cheated?


Pogo Risk=Toxic Filth

Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States #1277662

Pogo computers are programmed to cheat. Pogo should be brought up on charges all subscriptions paid should be refunded.

You pay for badges and then the computers keep you from winning them. texas hold-em. computers are near eliminated and then they get a hand that gives them a $5800 pot.

You need to eliminate the computers to get a jackpot spin. you can't do that when the computers keep cheating.


Pogo doesn't have any programmers - they buy games in as cheaply as possible and throw them out with little or no support and then when you play them they get revenue from adverts.

It's EA Games - money grabbing nasty baskets.


I stopped using pogo because all of the games involving chance are "rigged". Take backgammon for instance - the computer often gets improbable rolls when needed.

If a 6 and 3 is needed - that is 18 to 1.

In real life this sort of thing will happen every once in a while. On pogo it happens far too often.

Chess is the only honest game they have - no element of chance involved.

to Pogo Is Junk #898867

It's the way the game program is set up and it's ridiculous. I agree with you completely but do they care?

Not a bit.

Do they know how to change the parameters? No - they don't.

Woolloongabba, Queensland, Australia #676900
they do cheat and not only that the numbers they roll on the dice are complete *** I've had 15 men taken out while trying to take over a territory occupied by 3, and then when it's your turn to defend you can kiss rolling any high numbers goodbye. My theory is that it makes the games go longer so you have to sit through more adds.

Well guess what pogo it doesn't *** work when you never go back to the site again you *** *** ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

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