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This player is miserable. Calls everyone a liar and a cheat.

I never start a conversation with this player, they are always the one starting the harassment. I've been told I am a liar and a cheat when this person is losing the game. They have also used profanity towards myself and other players I've spoke with that have run into this person. I've also been told by Floridadiva that they are going to make sure I'm blocked from ever playing in POGO again, especially Scrabble.

I mute this player when I run into them because they keep going on and on with the harassment. This needs to be looked into immediately. So many others that I have played scrabble with have all said the same thing about this player that have run into them in a room. Please do something about this person, they make it impossible to enjoy the game.

I've also been told "POGO're a liar and a cheater and will be getting removed from POGO soon" I asked where this information was found (before muting them) and they wouldn't respond. This is just plain harassment, then the profanity starts. Please do something about this player!!!!!! I've played with others that so many have run into this person and all said the same thing Floridadiva has said to me about the profanity and calling us liars and cheaters and is going to make sure we are blocked.

I beg you to look into this person!

They represent themselves as female but I don't even know if they really are. I looked this name up in a Google search with that name and there are (as of last week) 147 complaints about this player.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pogo Online Games Forum.

Reason of review: Player harassment.

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This player is nasty. I would never play with her again. I come to POGO for help with a brain issue, not to be harassed by a *** person.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1264223

Same experience here...with floridadiva. We were only 3 words into the game and she started in with the calling me a liar and cheat. Pogo needs to get rid of this player.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1244841

FloridaDiva is a very harrassing person...calls everyone a liar and cheat and threatens to get them kicked off pogo. This person is nuts.

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