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I played this person and she was hateful, before the gm even got started....right after I wished her a good am and good luck to her. She shamed me for using dictionary, when we hadn't even begun to play yet.....she called me uneducated, ***, a fool and said I had been banned from the site per a pogo memo for using the dictionary.

Read her profile it says it all. i reported her and nothing has been done. I know because she showed up a week later...same thing.

I did not ans her and she raved on to herself. At the end of gm, which she won, her parting words were, " what r u going to teach those grandchildren?" As big as POGO is can you not make the gms safer from abuse and friendly to adults and children alike?

Product or Service Mentioned: Pogo Video Game.

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When you get trolls like that just mute them and maybe report them and move on. They got too many bad sports on Pogo and guys who want to know all about your sex life. what has this site tuned into?

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