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I've reported at least four players for harassing me for almost a year. They followed me from room to room and called me names and so I started sending in abuse reports, at least 50 so I know that pogo is aware. They also sent me disgusting messages which I also sent to pogo. When they started wishing that my cancer would come back and kill me other players said this was going too far and they reported them also. There is one player who has... Read more

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I have been a POGO member for over 13 years. Recently, I was booted off of our tournament because I had hacked my own account??? How can you *** your own account? I think what really happened is a player who was on our team was removed by me as host due to issues she was causing. She contacted EA Support and told them I was cheating and that two other players were cheating; that I couldn't have high scores without cheating. Did they check? ***... Read more

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Floridadiva accused me of cheating then said I lied!!! I did not cheat nor lie . She said I could be banned from pogo. This was just a game of scrabble? I did nothing wrong but I have no idea what crazy person this is & what joke they are playing but I do feel she or he should not act like this over a game. Guess it can't take losing!!! How it got over 51,000 I'll never know. They are not a good opponent! Thanks for listening Hope... Read more

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Pogo and EA Games currently are promoting offensive players. Pogo guidelines are being ignored and pogo does nothing to the offenders. I know of one player who has made many screen names, harasses people constantly. He calls women ho or a ***, told one woman she should die. His screen name has been reported over 100 times by a lot of other players, yet he is still there. He is not even a club pogo member. Imagine it would be impossible to get a... Read more

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Ok I wasn't a happy camper for many months the head person lets a person tell us off we are not alloud to say anything at all back.. I have been with this league two atepper's fro 9 months.. *** I got drunk and told her off and wouldn't stop the host did the right thing said bren your boxed for 3 days ok,, had to have my piece no big del,, now in the morning the head of the league kicked me out of the league lost my 70.,000 bux thnks,, I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 13
  • #882111

I reported a problem with my popit game refreezeing up twenty four hours ago. And it's still not working please correct the problem. There was no problem when your company took my money to upgrade. Thank you for cooperation Karla Manuel

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 12
  • #881471

My popit game freezes up and will not move on the the next game. It has been this way for three days. What's the problem? And can it be corrected? Thank You Karla

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They don't like to play words, they just like to stop you from playing words. Jerky way to play...think of stopping my membership to this game place. Scrabble is to play words not to stop people from playing is so *** when the robot only plays li and si and ef...give me a break. Stupidity is unbelievable on this site. And, don't ask me to play with people because if I want to stop in the middle of a game I won't interfere with... Read more

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I have had experienced many players coming in late into the game to take over and win within 5 minutes by taking over a computer player when I have spent 1 to 2 hours playing the game trying to win the game. I do not think any player should be allowed to jump in a game when the game has started. One of the players who keeps watching most of the games until it is finished and then jumps in to win is Homan187 He says he is part owner of pogo and... Read more

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Years ago, pogo bridge had more pixels on their game of bridge. It was so much easier to read. I have an iMac. Otherwise, I love pogo bridge and play it often and recommend it to friends. Also, when we are at a table in bridge - some of the words are hard to read. Increasing the pixels will help. Thank you for the game of bridge. Also, remove cheaters and abusers. from the game. I am finished writing my complaint - and have to add more... Read more

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